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Products News

  • Nov
    Export 2CY fuel oil gear pump with DIN flange
  • Jun
    Pump is working well, why motor is very hot?
    “The pump is in good condition, and the motor is hot." Some people some times happed this problem. Today, HOFFWELL PUMP has sorted out the relevant reasons for this problem.
  • Aug
    How to solve the marine fuel transfer pump blocked?
    During the voyage, the gears of the main engine fuel delivery pump are stuck, which causes the main engine to slow down automatically due to low oil pressure, which seriously threatens the safety of the main engine and its supercharger.After manual turning inspection, it was found that the pump
  • Oct
    Triple Screw Pumps In Power Generation
    In the field of power generation, screw pumps are usually used for bearing and gear lubrication, high-pressure fuel injection, fuel delivery, top shaft oil and power plant control. Hoffwell's three screw pump is the most common power generation application, characterized by a hardened steel power ro
  • Oct
    Internal gear pump operation and maintenance manual
    Internal gear pump operation and maintenance manual from Hoffwell Pump. The NYP internal gear pump has outstanding self-priming ability. Internal gear pumps with widely application, and more better to delivery high viscosity liquids without solid particles and fibers, even semi-solid particles, the high medium viscosity from 10 cst to 300000cst, the medium temperature can up to 300 deg C according to different material.
  • Aug
    Where are external gear pump used?
    External gear pumps are usually used to pump lubricants, oil, light oils, chemical additives, resins or solvents. They are preferred in any application requiring accurate measurement, such as fuels, polymers or chemical additives.
  • Jul
    What are the differences of internal gear pump and external gear pump?
    What are the difference of Internal Gear Pump and External Gear Pump? Usually, we divide gear pumps to internal gear pump and external gear pump. Do you know what are the differences of these two types of gear pump? Now, let me tell you about the gear pump differences.
  • Apr
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Gear Pump
    Gear pump is now widely used in nearly all fields of our life, but do you know why they are so popular nowadays. The features of gear pumps decide its popularity. If you want to know the detailed reasons, read this passage and you will find the answer. The passage mainly introduces four points of ge
  • Jan
    Welcome 2018. Our customer used our SNH triple screw pump
    SNH triple screw oil pump overview>>>Usage:For handing of oil and medium with lubricating properties.Viscosity from 1cst to 760 cst, temperature below 150 deg C,Capacity from 0.3m3/h to 321m3/h,Head from 0.4Mpa to 4MPa.>>>Application:1. In heating techniqzzues as fuel oil and medium with lubricating
  • Jan
    Exported 3G Magnetic Coupling Triple Screw Pump to Dubai
    Product Features:1. Good self-priming and suction performance2. Wide medium range, including liquid with slight lubricity3. Minimal flow pulse, state operation and small vibration and noise.4. No shear or damage of the conveyed medium, so the conveyed medium is not easy to be aging.5. High efficienc
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