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Internal gear pump operation and maintenance manual

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HOFFWELL brand NYP internal gear pump is a kind of new positive displacement pump. The NYP internal gear pump has outstanding self-priming ability. Internal gear pumps with widely application, and more better to delivery high viscosity liquids without solid particles and fibers, even semi-solid particles, the high medium viscosity from 10 cst to  300000cst, the medium temperature can up to 300 deg C according to different material. 

HOFFWELL have cast iron, stainless steel, cast steel material for NYP internal gear pump with different applicaton. NYP internal gear pump have small volume, light weight and high efficiency,  have steady delivery ability without pulsation, little vibration and low noise. The NYP internal gear pump can widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, paint, medicine, foodstuff, such as asphalt, resin, molasses, ice cream, glue, latex, lobe oil and so on.


Points for attention during operation for NYP internal gear pump

1、The diameter of inlet line and outline system must be same with the pump.

2、It should reduce the elbow, the angle of the elbow can not too small and the inlet line can not too long as far as possible when design the pipeline system, in order to avoid the self-priming ability.

3、The user should add the lubricating oil in the oil glass before operating, and assure add the oil everyday.

4、Before operating the pump, the user should operating the motor first, check the direction whether same with the right operating direction.

5、Check the operation whether right after operating, if there are abnormal noise, unusual vibration and high temperature, please kindly stop operating.

6、Please kindly pay attention the belt degree of tightness, the user should adjust it half one year.

Usual trouble and maintenance



Ways of remedy

No discharging oil or discharge little oil

1、Over the height of self-priming

2、The inlet line was too long, have many elbow

3、Leakage air with inlet pipeline

4、Wrong direction of the motor

1、Reduce the pump height

2、Reduce the pipeline longth, reduce the elbow quantity

3、Sealing where the pipline leakage air

4、Change the direction


The pump stop operating suddenly

1、There are particles in the pump, stop operating the rotor

2、Other mechanical troubles

1、Take out of the particles

2、Check the pump and remedy it


Seal leakage oil

The seal was damage

Change the seal

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