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Our pumps can be used in ship building as booster pump, transfer pump, lubricating pump, bilge pump, sludge pump, main engine pump, etc.

Oil field

The pump can be used in all kinds of lubrication systems, hydraulic systems as well as craft cooling systems. It is used to transport all kinds of crude oil, conventional fuels, fuel oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil, hydraulic oil, heat-carrier oil, consumable oils, bio-diesel and fusions of asphalt, bitumen or tar. And it can be used as flow pump, delivery pump, loading pump, stripping pump, cargo pump, main engine lubricating oil pump, the fuel oil injector pump and so on.

Daily Chemical

Due to the variety of processes in chemical and process engineering, there are strict requirements on the materials used in these areas. The materials must withstand saline solutions, strong acids and lye’s, high pressures and extreme temperatures.
Contaminants usually increase aggressiveness. Particles carried in the pumped liquid can also lead to abrasion wear.
It is not always easy to select the most economical material with sufficient stability.

Food Medicine

Our pumps can used to transfer dairy products, juice, puree, slough tissue and condiment, beer and brewery, and all kinds of latescence.

Papermaking Industry

Mono screw pump can transfer raw material equipment, process of coating and tinting, chemical measuring, slag and wastewater treatment.

Environment Engineering

The pump can used in different sewage delivery, dewatering sludge delivery, measuring input of flocculent and chemical preparation, also can used for oil and water separate and waster gas desulfurization.
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