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Company News

  • May
    Say "520 happy" to all my customers
    Hello, do you remember me?In the world of telephone and Internet, we have known each other. Your say "Hello, do you have gear pump / screw pump / high viscosity pump? "Arouse my heart, so you are the" other half "I am looking for!Next, I began to ask you with all my heart: "what is the medium you de
  • Feb
    We will delay to work on Feb 10, 2020
    This is another test for China and the world community after SARS. At this moment, any slamming, taunting, fanning, and gloating are all manifestations of lack of humanity. The virus does not recognize the country, nation, race, rich or poor. There is no difference in virus transmission.China's powe
  • Oct
    Export 12 sets of YCB external gear pumps to UAE
    HEBEI HOFFWELL pump export 12 sets of YCB gear pumps to UAE
  • Jan
    Happy New Year 2018
    The new year have been ring the bell, the first ray of dawn of 2018 is coming, in this happy occasion, on behalf of hoffwell pumps to all leaders, partners, suppliers and customers at home and abroad, all staff of the company, to extend new year greetings and heartfelt thanks. we will always adhere
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