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Say "520 happy" to all my customers

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Hello, do you remember me?

In the world of telephone and Internet, we have known each other. Your say "Hello, do you have gear pump / screw pump / high viscosity pump? "Arouse my heart, so you are the" other half "I am looking for!

Next, I began to ask you with all my heart: "what is the medium you deliver? What specific requirements do you have for performance parameters such as flow and pressure of the pump? Is your medium corrosive? Can you introduce the specific operating conditions "I'm afraid to miss some parameters and requirements of the pump, and always pay attention to your voice tone and speed. If you speak faster, I'll follow you faster. If you speak slower, I'll follow you slower. I'm afraid you will leave me.

After asking you carefully, I will carefully select correct pump model, do quote, and ask for drawings. I will immediately write an application to ask technical drawings. You said that the parameters have changed, and I will adjust the pump type and price according to your parameters. You say that your budget is not high, and I will quickly ask our manager to apply for the most competitive price for you. At this moment, I am deeply aware that I Can't lose you. 

Once we cooperate, I will be responsible for you to the end, you can rest assured.

Although there will be different opinions in our communication, please believe in my professional. I will integrate your working conditions to provide a perfect fluid delivery solution. I will provide you with high-quality service in the future, so that you have no after-sales worries!

The vast sea of people, and you know is a fate, let us cherish this fate, 520 happy!


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