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Triple Screw Pumps In Power Generation

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    In the field of power generation, screw pumps are usually used for bearing and gear lubrication, high-pressure fuel injection, fuel delivery, top shaft oil and power plant control. Hoffwell's three screw pump is the most common power generation application, characterized by a hardened steel power rotor and two idler rotors as rotary seals. The rotor works on a thin product liquid film in the pump liner, which acts as a large journal bearing, providing support and preventing metal to metal contact. In addition, the internal balance line plays the role of hydrodynamic balancing rotor group, counteracting any axial force and eliminating thrust bearing. In fact, the multi screw pump only needs one bearing to locate the rotor group and a mechanical seal only affected by the suction pressure.

SNH1200 screw pump

      One of the most important advantages of HOFFWELL’s screw pump in power application is that it is a positive displacement machine. Its capacity rating is based on the geometric structure and speed of the pump, and will effectively transport the critical oil or fuel flow of almost constant volume, without considering the fluctuation of back pressure. This means that the machine bearings, gears, or combustion system will not run out of oil in the event of interference, such as a clogged inlet screen.


      The versatility of HOFFWELL’s screw pumps in handling various viscosities is also noteworthy. It can effectively handle very thin and low lubricity fuels, such as kerosene, ultra-low sulfur diesel, biodiesel and viscous 6# heavy fuel oil. The additional benefits of the HOFFWELL’s screw pump design for power applications include low noise, low vibration, low shear, resistance to entrained air, and no pulsating flow.

      Flexible configuration options optimize the location of screw pumps in the plant. In addition to the standard horizontal baseplate mounted pump and motor, HOFFWELL’s screw pump can also be installed on the motor with horizontal flange, vertical slot or vertical base. These direct motor drive configurations are possible because the screw pump operates at motor speed without increasing the complexity and cost of the reducer.

      Some HOFFWELL’s screw pump models feature a pump core sliding into a steel housing. This design simplifies maintenance because the pump barrel can be disassembled without disturbing pump installation or piping connections, but this pump type can also be used as an alternative to old or obsolete pumps, which can be very expensive to maintain. For example, a three screw pump cartridge with a custom housing can replace an old twin screw pump with a timing gear, four bearings, and four seals, copying the flange, shaft, and mounting dimensions of the original pump. The installation cost is low, and the pump cost is generally lower than the existing pump overhaul. The factory benefits from the latest three screw pump technology.

    Please feel free to contact me if you want to get a good price of the screw pump. E-mail: hoffwellpump@gmail.com

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