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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gear Pump

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Gear pump is now widely used in nearly all fields of our life, but do you know why they are so popular nowadays. The features of gear pumps decide its popularity. If you want to know the detailed reasons, read this passage and you will find the answer.


The passage mainly introduces four points of gear pumps:

  • Definition of gear pump

  • The working principle of gear pump

  • Advantages of gear pump

  • Disadvantages of gear pump


Definition of gear pump

A gear pump is basically a positive displacement rotary pump, it has more than two internal gears that generate vacuum pressure through the mechanical movement of the gears, aiming to propel the movement of the fluid in the pump. Although gear pumps are most commonly used to transport water, they are not limited to this and are widely used in various industries such as the chemical industry and the petroleum industry. Its outstanding properties allow it to be used to transport viscous and corrosive fluids.


The working principle of gear pump

The most basic form of a gear pump is that two identically sized gears mesh with each other in a tightly fitting housing. The interior of the housing resembles the Arabic numeral "8", with two gears mounted inside, the outer diameter and sides of the gears mating with the housing. The material of the extruder enters through the suction port and moves between the two gears. After the gear rotates, it is finally eliminated.


A gear pump is like a piston in a cylinder. When one tooth enters the fluid space of the other tooth, the liquid is mechanically squeezed out. As the drive shaft rotates uninterrupted, the pump discharges fluid without interruption.


Advantages of gear pump

1.Easy to use and maintain

The gear pump is compact and consists of only two gears, the pump body and the front and rear covers. Therefore, compared with other pumps, the gear pump has a small weight, which is convenient for daily transportation and does not require much labor. It is also because of its light weight, the gear pump is more convenient to use, and it is more convenient when the work content is the same. At the same time, because of its simple structure and fewer components, it is more convenient to repair when problems are encountered.


2.Low cost

Compared with the conventional pump, the gear pump is smaller in weight and easy to transport, which saves transportation costs to some extent. In addition, the gear pump is cheaper because of its simple structure and lower manufacturing cost. The maintenance procedure is simple in the future and the maintenance cost is low. Therefore, in general, gear pumps are more economical and can effectively save costs.


3.High work efficiency

In fact, the fluid loss in the gear pump is small. Although some of the fluid is used to lubricate both sides of the bearing and gear, the pump body can never be fitted without clearance, resulting in a gear pump operating efficiency of 100%. However, the pump can still operate well and can achieve an efficiency of 93% to 98%.


4.Insensitive to fluid viscosity and density

If the viscosity or density of the fluid changes, the gear pump will not be affected too much. If a strainer or a restrictor is placed on the side of the discharge port, the gear pump will push the fluid through them. If the filter is dirty or clogged, the gear pump will still maintain a constant flow until it reaches the mechanical limit of the weakest part of the unit. This also causes the gear pump to be insensitive to oil contamination and is more suitable for use in petrochemical industries.


Disadvantages of gear pump

1.Not easy to repair after wear

Because the gear pump parts are poorly interchangeable, it is not easy to repair after wear. Although the gear pump repair process is simple, if the parts are worn, the entire gear pump is almost impossible to repair.


2.Large noise

Because the gear pump has the characteristics of radial force imbalance and large flow artery, it generates very loud noise. If it is in an area where there is a decibel requirement for the surrounding environment, or if it is used in the middle of the night, the gear pump will affect the work or rest of others, causing inconvenience. The existence of unbalanced radial forces will also affect the service life of the bearings to a certain extent.


3.Unadjusted displacement

The inter-tooth groove of the end cap and gear constitutes a number of fixed sealed working chambers, so the displacement of the gear pump is not adjustable and can only be used as a dosing pump. This is not possible if you want to increase the displacement of the pump.


If you have any other questions about gear pumps, don’t hesitate and contact us now. We are the manufacturer of gear pumps with rich experience and professional team, and we are looking forward to setting up business relationship with you.

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