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Exported 3G Magnetic Coupling Triple Screw Pump to Dubai

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Exported 3G Magnetic Coupling Triple Screw Pump to Dubai

Product Features:
1. Good self-priming and suction performance
2. Wide medium range, including liquid with slight lubricity
3. Minimal flow pulse, state operation and small vibration and noise.
4. No shear or damage of the conveyed medium, so the conveyed medium is not easy to be aging.
5. High efficiency, energy saving, high reliability.
6. Long service life, simple maintenance and low cost.

Conveying Medium:
1. Clean lubricating liquid, such as lubricant, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluid, natural oil, etc.
2. Medium with worse lubricating property, such as light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, cool tar, asphalt, viscose, emulsified mixture, etc.


The pumps are sealed generally by mechanical seal and driven by the motor through the claw coupling. or magnetic coupling.

Material: The driving and driven screw 16Mn,38CrMoAL
Pump casing: HT200,QT450-10
Bush: Aluminum, Nodular Cast Iron, Bronze

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