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3QGB Series Hydraulic Positive Displacement Triple Three Screw Pump for Liquid


The advantage of the twin-screw pump
1,Transporting the liquid smoothly without any disturbing and pulsation,no impulse,with less vibration and low noise.
2,It has strong selr-suction performance,when multiphase mixed transporting,the gas content can not over 80%,and the san content can not over 500g/m3.
3,Outboard bearing structure which qdopt independently lubricate,so aoo kinds of nonlubricate medium can be transported.
4,It adopts synchronous gear drinving,between the two totors there is no touch at all,ecen though idling for short term is no problem.
5,The pump body has heating jacket,so it can transport all kinds of clean or low viscosity or high viscosity mediuum which contain the particulate solids.(the diameter of the particulate is usually less than 0.12-0.2mm)
6,If selecting the material correctly,some corrosive medium can be transported.
7,Double-suction structure,and there is no axial force on the rotor.
8,The shaft ends adopt mechanical seal or corrugated pipe mechanical seal,it has the characteristic of long-life,less leak,wide scope of application.

Performance scope
1,The highest pressure 4.0MPa
2, Capacity range 1~1000m3/h
3,Temperature range -20~120ºC
4,Thee ciscosity of the medium 1~3000mm2/s,when lower the speed of the rotation it can be up to 106mm2/s
The viscosity of the medium will largely influende the twin screw pump,the nominal discharge of the pump means the discharge under the certain ciscosity condition,in order to ensure the pump to work on the high efficiency working condition,wehn the test is not enough,we suggest to select the speed of the fotation according to the following viscosity.
  The viscosity of the mediumcSt      Speed r/min
  <400                  1500
  400 ~1200                1000
  1200~3600                750
When the viscosity of the medium is higher , the customer should contact with the manufacturer for the speed of rotation and motor power.

SeriesMain application                Performance  scope
Capacity m3/hPre MPa
3GLub oil visc3-20oE;temp≤80&ordm;C0.6-5702.5
3GRHeavy feul lil visc3-50oE;temp≤120&ordm;C0.6-5702.5
3GrLight feul oil visc1.2-5oE;temp≤120&ordm;C0.6-57Performancescope01.6
3GWHigh temp feul heated oil;temp≤150&ordm;C0.6-3631.6
3GNHigh visc oil 100oE;temp≤80&ordm;C0.6-6362.5


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