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ZYB External Gear Booster Pump For Fuel Oil

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ZYB Series Booster Fuel Oil External Gear Pump

Project Description
Apply to transmit the lubricating oil and other liquids with the features like lubricating oil without the solid particles, fiber, corrosiveness and the temperature thereof should not be higher than 80° C and the viscosityis 5— 15cst. In addition, it can also apply to the hydraulic drive system.

Can be used as transmission and blower pump in the oil transportation system.
Can be used as the transmission, inflating and jet fuel pump in the fuel system.
Can be used as lubricating oil pump in all industrial fields.

Structure features:
The series gear pump is mainly composed of such components as gear, axle, pump body, safety valve and
Shaft seal, etc. After thermal treatment, the gear has comparatively higher hardness and strength and all the operating components take advantages of the transmitted media to lubricate.
There are reasonably designed drain pan and oil return channel in the pump. The drain pan and oil return
Channel make the gear to bear minimum torque at the time of working. As such, it has such characteristics of small bearing load, small damage and high pump efficiency.
The pump has the safety valve for overloaded security protection. However, the safety valve can not work
Long time as the pressure reducing valve and can be installed additionally in the pipeline at the time of requirements.


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