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Screw Pump Trade News

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By 2020, the compound annual growth rate of the global screw pump market is expected to exceed 8%.

      In the global screw pump market, screw pump accounts for a large share, while twin screw pump is expected to grow at a strong speed in the forecast period. Due to the growing demand of developing economies in the Asia Pacific region, the Asia Pacific region is the largest screw pump regional market in the world. Recently, the surge of infrastructure development projects in the processing industry, the improvement of living standards and rapid industrialization have driven the demand for health, infrastructure and food delivery systems in the region, thus driving the growth of the screw pump market.

2W.W6.9 twin screw pump

     In addition, the increase in PetroChina's exploration activities is expected to contribute to the growing demand for screw pumps in the region. Europe, the Middle East and Africa are expected to grow at a strong rate due to the growing demand for refurbished wastewater infrastructure in the EU and the growing number of green and brownfield chemical and petrochemical enterprises in the Middle East and Africa. The discovery of new shale oil and gas reserves in the United States and the growing demand for wastewater treatment are maintaining the growth prospects of the American market.

    Screw pump is a kind of positive displacement, which uses one or more screws to move solid or fluid along the screw axis. Advances in screw pump technology have resulted in multi axis technology for cross end-user segments of multiple applications. Screw pump plays an important role in sewage, water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage manufacturing, oil exploitation, hydraulic fracturing, chemical raw material extraction, processing and manufacturing of finished products and many other aspects. The increase of screw pump demand is the result of global large-scale urbanization and industrialization.


In addition, the growing demand for energy has led to a huge upsurge in offshore exploration and production activities, which has led to an increase in global demand for screw pumps. In addition, the company's sanitary screw pump has also increased its application in the field of food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical industry, which is used to pump various liquids and foods that need to be prevented from pollution.

    The following aspects related to global screw pumps market was discussed on The Global Screw Pumps Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2020

   •  revolutionary dry screw pumps - increasingly used in    industrial vacuum applications

  • Energy saving screw pump, 40% lower operation cost

  • Sanitary twin screw pump for food industry

  • New three screw pump for hydraulic cooling, lubrication and fuel delivery

  • New melt pumps do not require inlet pressure

  • Fish friendly screw pump

  • New screw pumps for API applications

  • New spiral technology

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