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CE Approved 3QGB Three Screw Bitumen/Asphalt Positive Displacement Pump


Product Description
With special spiral profiles of rotors, the medium transmission through rotors and housing's engaged changing chambers is achieved. It can deliver different liquids with lubrication, without particles or corrosion features, is widely applied in machinery, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding and building material fields for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel conveying functions. And it is a preferred substitute for centrifugal pumps, gear pumps and reciprocating pumps in some applications.

1. Customized design for inlet/outlet ports, with better accordance to liquid fluidity;
2. Component-based design for pressure relief valve, with better protection for products;
3. Low noise, no impulse, no abrasion on screw, and long service life;
4. Simple and compact structure, low volume, light weight, high efficiency and good energy saving effect;

Medium viscosity: 3.0~1500 mm2/s;
Flow range: 35~1700 L/min;
Maximum pressure: 2.5 Mpa;
Max. temperature: 300 deg C

Pump Specification:

  PressureSpeed               PowerNPSH r Motor Frame         Size
 m3/h  L/min       Mpa r/min    Shaft           Power    Motor        Power   m
 283.3       0.8  950       4.3      7.5      5  160M-6-B3

   428       0.6  1450       5.4      7.5   132S-4-B3

   417       1.0  1450       8.5       11   132M-4-B3

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