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G Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Single Screw Pump


Work Features:
   It has wide application. It can transfer all flowing medium and non-running material.
  It has steady flow and pressure, no pulsation.
  Change the speed, so the output flow be modified. It could be used to in measuring input.
  It has strong absorb power, low working noise, no leakage and temperature rising.
   The general-purpose type is the basic design. It applies to all industries in transferring liquid with different viscosity and concentration.
Information for pump selection:
   Correct collection is important for getting best use result. In order to meet different physical or chemical properties and operating demands of medium. We suggest: the client provides the operation data, then our professional staff recommend collection, all last the client confirmed.
   The necessary major operation data for collection:
Transportation medium: Name, corrosivity, radability, viscosity, soild contains, work temperature.
  Operation data: Flow or flow range, max pressure, continuous or discontinous operation.
Installation Environment: Horizontal or vertical, fix or moving special requirements for connect pipe line, requirements of explosion-proof and protect.

Performance Range:
Different Pressure:0.6Mpa
Working temperature:max.150ºC

Application Fields:


Chemical Industry and Pharmacy

Environment Engineering

Mineral Products Engineering

Food industry

Papermaking industry

1,Thickened oil delivery
2,Oil and gas mixed delivery
3,Oil and water separate and waste oil recovery system
4,Sewage treatment
5,Polymer delivery

1,All kinds of paste matters
2,All kinds of lactescence
3,All kinds of suspension
4,All kinds of liquid which conti-nueains gas and solid
5,All kinds of medium which could not be mix or cut

1,Different sewage delivery
2,Dewatering sludge delivery
3,Measuring input of flocculent and chemical preparation
4,Oil and water separate and waste gas desulfurization
1,Water gas equipment and delivery
2,Production equipment of titanium white,kaoliu and hydrofiil
Feeding to spial-flow adn filter
3,Chemical input
4,Charging adn grouting
5,Electrolyte treatment
1,Dairy products
2,Juice,puree,sloughtissue and condiment
3,Beer and brewery
1,Paw material equipment
2,Process of coating and tinting
3,Chemical measuring
4,Slag and waste water treatment


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