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CE Approved IRG Vertical Generation Centrifugal Pump

  • Model NO.: IRG100-160B
  • Working Pressure: Low Pressure Pump
  • Position of Pump Shaft: Vertical Pump
  • Mounting Height: Suction Centrifugal
  • Usage: Pumps
  • Impeller Material: Cast Iron
  • Seal: Mechanical Seal
  • Medium: Water/Chemical
  • Specification: CE, SGS
  • HS Code: 84137099
  • Impeller Number: Single-Stage Pump
  • Influent Type of Impeller: Single Suction Pump
  • Pump Casing Combined: Verticaljoint Surface Pump
  • Impeller: Closed
  • Pump Body Material: Cast Iron
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Coupling Type: Closed Coupling
  • Trademark: HOFFWELL
  • Origin: Cn
>>>Product Overview 
IRG-type single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal pump is a new generation of products according to the performance parameters which specified by corporate standards , combining with our many years of production experience. Product flow ranges 3 ~ 1200m / h, lift head ranges 5 ~ 150m, divided into basic type, expanded flow type, A, B, C cutting type, etc. Which have nearly 400 kinds of specifications that can be used instead of the conventional centrifugal pump in generally occasions.

>>> IRG-type pump Features 
1.Compact, small size, beautiful shape,and the area covered is small because of its vertical structure installation.Its center of gravity is coincide with the foot of pump, thereby enhancing the operation stability and the operation life of the pump. 
2.Import and export is at the same diameter and at the same center line.The pump is easy to install, no need to change lines, can be installed directly to any part of the pipeline as valve. Rain cover of the motor can be also placed outdoors. 
3.Motor and pump is coaxial, simplifying the intermediate structure and increasing the smooth running of the impeller with excellent static and dynamic balance. Run in small vibration, low noise, therefore extending bearing life and improving the use of the environment. 
4.Reliable sealed with wear-resistant material such as hard alloy and silicon carbide for mechanical seals, not only solve the pump packing seal leakage problem but increase service life. 
5.Easy maintenance, Needless to remove pipe, only to remove the connection of the frame. and remove the motor and transmission components for repair and maintenance. 
6.Its unique structure and elaborate design not only reduce the pumping station area,improve the space but also greatly reduce infrastructure investment.

>>> The main application 
1.The normal vertical centrifugal pump is for conveying clear water and other liquids which physical and chemical properties are similar to water,and used for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, tall building pressurized water, garden irrigation, fire boost, long-distance transport, HVAC and other warm and cold pressurized water cycle and 
equipment matching.Use medium temperature T ≤ 220 deg C. 
2.Hot water type vertical centrifugal pumps is for : energy, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles, paper, and hotels, restaurants' boiler for hot water pressurized transport and city heating system circulating pump. Use medium temperature T ≤ 220 ºC.

>>> Model description 
CE Approved IRG Vertical Generation Centrifugal Pump

>>> Pump structure 

CE Approved IRG Vertical Generation Centrifugal Pump

>>> IRG pump working conditions 
1.the pump system maximum pressure is 1.6MPa,that is to say the pump suction pressure+ pump head ≤ 1.6MPa. (Please specify the system working pressure when ordering, if pump system working pressure is greater than 
1.6MPa, should be separately put forward when ordering,therefore we will use of steel materials to manufacture the over-current and connected parts of the pump .) 
2.Medium: insoluble solids volume contents of no more than the volume per unit' s 0.1%, particle size less than 0.2mm. (If the medium contents of small particles,the wear-resistant mechanical seals is used. So please note it when ordering. ) 
3.The ambient temperature does not exceed 40 deg C, relative humidity is no more than 95%, altitude does not exceed 1000m.


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