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Diesel transfer pumps use low viscosity oils to fill or drain engines, fuel tanks, etc. The battery-powered 12-volt electric pump has a maximum speed of 10 GPM. Therefore, the diesel transfer pump is very suitable for filling diesel-powered vehicles and engines in workshops and workshops. Diesel transfer pump can be divided into electric diesel oil transfer pump and electric diesel oil transfer pump. The engine-driven diesel transfer pump usually includes a self-priming centrifugal pump made of cast iron that is firmly connected to the gasoline engine. These pump units can deliver diesel at high flow rates (100-600 GPM and above). The self-priming design also has a suction function to lift the product from the underground tank or pit. Such motor driven diesel transfer pumps usually consist of tightly coupled or long iron centrifugal pumps connected to one or three phase (self-priming or non-centrifugal) motors. Straight centrifugal type is suitable for "submerged" suction applications with surface tanks. The motors in these units are not "explosion-proof", but can be provided if required by local regulators.

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