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Hoffwell Industrial Pump

    We have excellence design ability, rich manufacturing experience, strict quality system to ensure the provision of exquisite products.

    We use the qualified materials selected by the design, according to the product quality standards, according the design process.

    The complete and rigorous heat treatment created the excellent quality of products.

    Each pump will do hydraulic test before assemble, and do half an hour no-load and load test according to the product test standard, ensure the product quality to meet the requirements. 

    Every pump will be sent into the intelligent cleaning machine before complete to increase cleanliness and corrosion resistance.

    HOFFWELL pumps have advent of metal baking paint, beautiful appearance and strong corrosion resistance.
making the pumps gears
punch a hole for the coupling by CNC machine
process the pump casting surface smooth
boring the pump casting by CNC boring machine
punch a hole on pump casting
screw producing by CNC
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